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Demonetization The Business and the Way for Making India


Since last month the people are facing the economical crises due to Modi government’s historical move towards demonetization. Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notices is now almost taken out of our system. As expected by major banking sector Investments Main Store the national plan to discarded ?500 and ?1,000 notices will discover up to ?4.6 lakh crore in black money around the nation.

With regards to the demonetization move in India is to make the economic system more powerful and remove the unavoidable cash flow affecting the economic system. The big swipe rolled around the nation to cash which is unaccounted and untaxed. While this can affect the GDP adversely in the temporary, it should have beneficial long lasting repercussions. For many known e-commerce companies which already have an electronic payment options available, it should lead to higher online transaction and consequently remove over thinking on Cash on delivery option. However, in the temporary, these companies are likely to observe a decrease as the economic system adapts to the things go normal.

India has been a hub for all the foreign investors. It is believed as ‘Gold Bird’ and on limit of significant changes in the economical moves and is also positioned to become the third-largest economic system of the entire world by 2030.

There are significant announcement & initiatives has taken place during the current government made for the upcoming budget. There are lot to promote manufacturing business. On the other side the skill India announced to create and entrepreneurship for all socio-economic classes.

India has provides a great business opportunities in various sectors such as defence, textile, chemical, food and processing, leather, pharmaceuticals, electrical and almost much more. This is what giving the highest ROI to the nation for tremendous growth.

Since it is the best for each and every sector from SMEs, LSEs, Business to business marketing industry, or other service sectors are impacting with pure wind of cashless and legal transactions. With the increase in digitization and use of technological innovation, companies can only anticipate advantage. Easier procedures, clear techniques & more efficient system are a few apparent results.