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B2b Marketing: The Next Generation Business Tool


Since its inception in the 1990s, B2B Marketing has evolved in its importance and functionalities. Today, more and more businesses tend to utilize the evolved form of B2B marketing and make business profits. As per a LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing community study, today companies rely on B2B marketing digital tools for lead generation, thought leadership and customer acquisition. The list of essential b2b marketing tools is topped by content marketing with 72% weight age followed by social media, email marketing, and mobile marketing in the same order.

With time, the B2B marketers have gained proficiency in utilizing various digital tools but the irony is that the problems keep on arising, developing the need for establishing more tools. The companies today understand that how social media, blogs, content and online advertising can affect their position in the digital age and thus pay attention in utilizing these tools more efficiently and safely.

Here are the various new generation marketing tools that business can use to increase their outreach:

Lead Generation through content marketing:

Content is the king of the business in this digital era. More and more companies are leveraging the power of content and utilizing tools like company blogs, newsletter and more. This helps the company in generating sales leads, and stay connected with the current customer base. With growing email list, the company grabs the thought process leadership and thus increases the inbound sales leads.

Efficient Social Media:

It is important that you have a smart approach towards social media. This not only includes offering a ‘me avatar’ to your customers but also providing them with an educational aspect of your presence. You must repost smart feeds, offer key insights of the business, and share the thoughts of the influencers on your platform.

 Mobile marketing:

Now, this is something more critical to the survival of the business. Today, 95% of the customers to any business owner a handheld smartphone. They tend to use this device to reach anything and everything that relates to their lives. Thus businesses have to adapt to mobile age to ensure they are connected with their customers in a way the customer prefers. As per an IDC report, in 2017, mobile devices and tablets will be responsible for over 85% of sales.

Digital Goodwill:

It is good to keep your business abreast with the latest digital advancements. But, amid this race to maintain pace with the digital updates, a business must not forget its personal niceties. You must offer your customers a chance to feel pampered by showing them the privilege you get with the association.

B2B marketing, with all these digital tools, is certainly the next generation tool for business. Business to the business association is always a great tool to boost the reach and profitability. It is best to adapt to this new culture of digital b2b marketing to ensure your business has the survival instinct and thus the ability to churn the competition to earn profits.